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  • eScan Web Security Suite - Lizenz 1 Jahr
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eScan Web Security Suite

Webscan for Linux Proxy Servers is an excellent Anti-Virus and Content Security solution that ensures protection to the internal clients / networks served by Linux based Proxy Servers against evolving cyber threats and stops the threat at the gateway level itself. There is no direct threat to GNU / Linux servers as such. However, since GNU / Linux is becoming popular on Servers, Proxies and Gateways, there is a need for security solution that works on the GNU / Linux Platform. Also, Server-based solutions that give centralized control of Policy deployment for clients require least or no modification of client computers. eScan Security for Squid Proxy provides this solution. It is an extremely powerful web-based application that is easy to configure.

Simple and easy-to-use Software
eScan comes with a stylish, user-friendly and trendy GUI suits the needs of both, novice and expert users. It incorporates the best practices in usability engineering to enable easy and smooth operations.

Enables remote administration of the application
The web-based Administration Console off eScan can be accessed using a browser, thus facilitating the management of operation for eScan Anti-Virus for Linux Desktop from a remote location.

Ensures complete protection from security threats
eScan works as an on-demand software application which includes Command Line and Graphical User Interface Scanner and even facilitates selected Directory Scan, Local hard disk and Home Directory scanning as well as Memory Scan to ensure complete protection from security threats.

Scans to detect new threats
The sophisticated heuristics scan engine detects new threats and disguised malware, thus ensuring proactive protection from Zero-Day threats.

Provides comprehensive log of scanning activity
eScan generates a comprehensive log of scanning activity with date and time of scanning, along with the path and name of objects scanned for further analysis.

Instant protection from emerging threats
eScan provides automatic updates for the software as well as new viruses, thus ensuring instant protection from emerging threats.

Helps to schedule automatic scans
Option helps to schedule automatic scans at a preset time. It also includes Command line scanner that facilitates automation and scheduling of the scanning. Once the threats are detected, preset actions are followed. It even helps organize the schedule to check specific directory or local hard disk.

Technische Daten


Operating Systems:
RedHat Enterprise Linux-5 (RHEL-5) RedHat Enterprise Linux-4 (RHEL-5) RedHat Enterprise Linux-3 (RHEL-3) RedHat-9 (RH-9) Suze Linux Enterprise Server-10 (SLES-10) Suze Linux Enterprise Server-9 (SLES-9) Debian-3.1 Mandrake-9.2

To run this software efficiently, you require Intel® Pentium or compatible system with 512 MB RAM and 500 MB of free Disk Space as well as 100 MB free disk space for temporary files

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